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It’s pretty common for legal conflicts to get heated. Emotions run high, and it doesn’t take long for matters to spiral out of control. However, irrespective of how tough things get, a professional Melbourne mediation attorney can still help sort it all out without the matter going to court.

Availing the services of a mediation attorney in Melbourne actually benefits both parties significantly. After all, who wouldn’t want to avoid the time, cost and aggravation of a court trial? Our firm can help you with this! If you need assistance sorting a legal matter out of court, you don’t have to look far for a specialist Melbourne mediation attorney. We are merely a call away!

Our firm has been operating in Melbourne for a long time! We have the experience, certifications and skills to handle legal conflicts expertly. We are available for all types of cases, those where parties are represented by attorneys and also cases where neither party has any legal representation.

An Introduction To Mediation: What You Must Know

Before you look for a qualified Melbourne mediation attorney, you must know what the term entails. During mediation, a qualified and impartial person is brought on board to help two parties resolve a legal conflict and come up with a resolution acceptable to both.

Keep in mind that the mediator won’t be making a decision on either party’s behalf. The job of a mediator is to promote open and honest discussions between the two parties and bring them on the same page. Our team of mediation attorneys in Melbourne are here to handle cases related to family law and appellate matters.

Having a mediation attorney Melbourne on board is particularly beneficial in cases where there’s a threat of emotions getting the better of either party. It can be challenging to reach a compromise in such cases as both parties are unwilling to cooperate.

Our specialists will provide much-needed unbiased views, which will help resolve disputes. Mediation is the best option in cases related to marital settlements, parenting disputes and so on.

How Can A Melbourne Mediation Attorney Benefit You?

You might be wondering whether it’s worth your time looking for a reliable mediation attorney in Melbourne. Let us tell you how this simple step can make things easier for you.

You must realize that court cases take a lot of time and money. And once the matter goes to court, you lose control over it. It’s up to the judge to decide the outcome. However, with the help of an experienced mediator, you can overcome the communication blocks and come up with voluntary agreements to resolve the dispute.

The Melbourne mediation attorney will facilitate the whole process, but the decision-making authority will remain with the parties.

  • Mediation is a more cost-effective option compared to arbitration and civil litigation. Typically, mediation does not last for more than a few days, and the matter is done for good. This is in significant contrast to court cases that can drag on for weeks or sometimes even months!

  • Preparing for mediation is not that complicated, unlike lawsuits and court cases. There are no extensive formalities. The mediation sessions can be held at a common ground or even at one of the parties’ residences.

  • Mediation gives both parties the opportunity to fully express themselves. They can voice their thoughts and share their concerns. In contrast, if the matter goes to court, only attorneys talk on behalf of their clients. There’s little chance of your voice being heard.

  • Mediation is a lot less formal than court cases. This ensures that both parties are comfortable during the proceeding. There’s no added pressure in a less formal environment which increases the chances of parties treating each other more fairly.

  • You can count on our firm to keep your mediation proceedings confidential. Hence, no one other than the two parties needs to know the details of the case. This is particularly beneficial in matrimonial settlement agreements.

  • There’s no risk of punitive damages in mediation. You don’t have to deal with additional fees or similar other damages that can happen in legal cases.

What Happens During The Mediation Process?

How will the Melbourne mediation attorney you hire help your case? For one thing, if you haven’t yet talked to an attorney, it’s best to consult one now to be informed of your legal options. You will then be able to understand better how this dispute resolution can benefit your case. Our team will be happy to help you out and address your concerns.

If it’s a case of family mediation, you have to come up with a financial affidavit along with a parenting plan, assuming there are kids in the picture. This should be ready before the proceedings begin. Both parties can bring up any issues related to the conflict during the mediation proceeding.

There are three possible outcomes of mediation.

Full Agreement

As the term suggests, this happens when the result is at par with everyone’s expectations. You can count on our Melbourne mediation attorney to help you achieve this.

Partial Agreement

Sometimes, both parties are unable to resolve all their issues and are unable to come to an agreement on all terms. In such cases, you can sign a partial agreement wherein the areas where both parties agree are covered. Mediation can then be resumed for remaining issues when both parties are willing for it.

No Agreement

Yes, this can happen even if you have the best mediation attorney in Melbourne. However, this does not imply that the entire proceeding is a waste of money. You can think of it as a work in progress. Even if both parties are unable to reach common ground, they at least get to see the other’s position and viewpoint on the matter. This ensures there are no surprises at trial.

Remember, it’s tricky to anticipate how much time mediation will take. Sometimes, matters are resolved in merely a few hours. But occasionally, things can take days to settle. Mediation proceedings are charged for the hour, with the amount divided equally between parties.

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