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When parents aren’t married, paternity proceedings establish the father’s legal identity. Murphy & Downs Law Offices P.A. helps many women establish parental rights for their children and assists men in obtaining parental rights.

Florida allows both men and women to file paternity actions. If you are a woman who is seeking child support obligations through a paternity lawsuit, we are able to advise you. If you are a man looking to establish paternity in order to create formal parenting plans, or to prove that you are not the father we will advise and assist you. During the process of determining paternity, our firm strives to maintain the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.

In this case, custody, parenting time, and decision making authority remain with the mother prior to paternity being established by the court. As soon as paternity is determined, parenting plans and timeshare schedules should be established, as well as child support.

Commonly Asked Paternity Questions

1. A birth certificate shows my name. Is the court acknowledging me as the father?

The answer is no, not always. Alternatively, a declaration, as permitted under Florida law, may be used to establish paternity. It is illegal for a father to have any obligations or rights without establishing paternity.

2. Currently, my spouse is pregnant after having an affair. Does the child need to be supported?

In Florida, a child’s legal father is presumed to be a husband of the child’s biological mother. Nonetheless, the presumption may be overturned in certain circumstances.

3. My girlfriend is pregnant and I believe I am the father. How should I proceed?

Fathers should register with the Putative Father Registry. This registry protects the rights of men claiming to be unmarried biological fathers of the child, to preserve his right of notice and consent in the case of adoption. Request a paternity test from the court in case the mother refuses to participate in paternity testing.

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