Arrested while on vacation? We can help.

Tourist Defense

Have you or a loved one been arrested while vacationing?

tourist defense

Brevard County, Florida is host to millions of tourists and travelers every year. The attorneys at Murphy & Downs Law Offices are here to help when a visitor is arrested. We have successfully defended vacationers and cruise ship passengers alike. Our attorneys are prepared to expedite your release from custody and we will appear on your behalf in court so you can get back home to your life and your loved ones.

Remember, even if a case seems minor, leaving the state with the intention of not returning won’t solve the problem. For example, a man contacted our office after leaving a minor incident from many years ago unresolved. Even after years and years living in another state without issue, he was unable to get a home loan because the old Florida case was still pending. Depending on the laws of your home state, you may face other sanctions such as driver’s license suspension. Rather than running from it, you need knowledgeable, experienced attorneys fighting for you here in Florida.

Cruise ships present separate issues. Although the alleged offense may have occurred in international waters, if the ship ports in Florida, you are likely under the jurisdiction of Florida courts. Ship security officers will turn you over to local authorities (here, that would be the Brevard County Sheriff Office). Defending those charged with crimes that occurred on cruise ships requires specific knowledge of the many protocols and regulations that govern how evidence is gathered, how custody was transferred, and who was involved in the arrest and transfer of custody. In many cases, simple rules are not followed properly and that may result in dismissal of the charges, but only if your attorney is knowledgeable enough to make the proper argument.

Contact the attorneys at Murphy & Downs Law Offices today for a free case analysis and consultation so you can return home with the peace of mind that skilled, experienced attorneys are here fighting for you.

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