how much does it cost for a felony lawyer?

Pricing a felony criminal defense attorney is difficult. Each case carries its own complexities.

how much does a felony lawyer cost?

Pricing a felony criminal defense attorney is difficult. Each case carries its own complexities. Some cases are “motion cases.” That means the case may be won or lost based on pretrial motions. Pretrial motions may include (1) motions to dismiss because the State cannot prove their case based on the existing facts, (2) motions to suppress evidence based on an illegal search or seizure (if the evidence is suppressed, the State usually dismisses the case), and (3) motions in limine. A motion in limine argues that certain things should be excluded from trial, usually do to the unfair prejudice it may cause you in front of a jury.

Other cases are “trial cases.” These are the cases where there may not have been an illegal search or seizure, but the facts leave alternate theories as to whether or not you are guilty. In those instances, a jury trial may be your only option.

Regardless of the case, the attorneys at Murphy & Downs Law Offices perform extensive review of the evidence and often perform our own independent investigation. Sometimes an expert witness is necessary, and sometimes there are numerous witnesses to depose.

All of these factors effect the overall cost to defend you, so it is nearly impossible to quote flat-rate pricing without reviewing the facts of your individual case. We can, however, quote a fee once we have met to discuss your case and taken all of the above factors into consideration.

Also, less than 1% of cases actually go to trial, yet many law firms charge a single fee that covers the case beginning-to-end. The attorneys at Murphy & Downs Law Offices do not believe in this practice. Instead, we subtract the cost of trial from our overall cost and the trial fee is only due if your case proceeds to trial. We do not believe in profiting for work we don’t do.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, contact Murphy & Downs Law Offices today for a free consultation and quote.

When you are charged with a crime, you want an AGGRESSIVE criminal defense attorney that will fight for your rights.





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